Reper Identity

For more than 15 years Reper has been a rare example of a company providing a full innovative production cycle from cutting-edge high-technology developments to the manufacturing of the final product. Reper is a Russian medical implant manufacturer who specialise in intraocular lenses. IOLs are used to replace the natural lens inside of the eye when a person has cataracts or glaucoma. The company felt their current identity was not well suited to their brand and wanted a type-based solution to fix this. Reper felt that incorporating an aspect of their process within the word-mark could be a successful outcome.

My approach to the brief was firstly research the process of creating IOL’s and how they’re implanted. Whilst researching, the photo polymerisation process stood out to me. Photo polymerisation is where a liquid polymer becomes an elastic product after being exposed to a UV light of specific wavelength, the resulting product has a very low number of molecules that are incomplete, which in turn creates an extremely smooth surface. This process became my reasoning for rounded corners and curved edges, I then used the abstract shape of the IOL as a visual reference to aid my final outcome.

The final outcome sees a custom wordmark which uses the IOL shape as a strong visual aid. The cutting-edge development of the IOL is a delicate and precise process, therefore, a light approach to the wordmark was deemed the most appropriate. The wordmark appears to be received well and the client was really happy with the outcome. The full identity is currently being developed by Coldwater studio in California.

“Thank you for being so accommodating, when we need work in the future we will definitely reach out to you again”