Study Skills

In 2016 I was commissioned by Ravensbourne to rebrand their study skills department for the upcoming year. Whilst liaising with the head of department and the marketing team, we focused our attention on the students. Neurodiverse students need help, and it was discussed that the previous identity was hindering that. 

Sarah; the head of the department, wanted a brain logo to signify the departments shift towards focusing on neurodiversity. We also agreed to incorporate the letters 'SS' within it. Through sketches I experimented with different styles, in the end we decided on a 2d side view, separating the brain into sections creating the letters. After the logo was finalised with upper management, I was further commissioned to design some printed materials.

"Brilliant! It looks great. I and the whole team are really happy with them. Thanks for all your help, you've been amazing!"
Sarah - Head of Study Skills Department